Our goal is to find broad,
real-world applications for
our proprietary
Sigma Q (ΣQ®) technology.


Our goal is to find broad,
real-world applications for our proprietary
Sigma Q (ΣQ®) technology.

We’re constantly designing new ways to bring the technology to consumers, health practitioners and animals.

Biosysco, Inc. is a life sciences technology company that utilizes its patented, non-invasive, muscle activation technology called Sigma Q (ΣQ®) to design, develop, and market cutting-edge products and services to multiple industries

ABOUT USAlways looking to the future.

Developed by Dr. Roberto Ciaff, Biosysco quickly grew from an emerging technology to a platform for innovation. And with the miraculous recovery story of co-founder Maria Schmidt, our purpose evolved even further. Today, Biosyco is driven by constant evolution, defining the future of healthcare solutions.

The Biosysco DifferenceLean. Focused.

As a small holdings company, we aren’t tied down by a large corporate staff or a crowded field of investors. We own our technology free and clear and use our resources and partnerships to support distribution, supply chain, and licensing. We allow you to invest broadly across platforms or by individual project, offering multiple flexible investment structures and multiple exits for your money.


Maria Schmidt

Executive Director

Dr. Roberto Ciaff

Executive Director

Steve Schmidt

Executive Director


Jim Allivato, ATC, LAT, CEIS™

Director Of Operations, Ati Worksite Solutions, Inc.

Dr. Simi Ranajee

CEO, Center For Analgesic Transformation

Dr. Holden McRae

Professor of Sports Science, Pepperdine University (ret.), Red Bull Labs

Dr. Lovely Krishen

Technical Director / Program Manager Of Research And Development

Dr. Chris Stout

Vice President Of Research And Data Analytics – Ati Physical Therapy

Mike Gapski

Head Athletic Trainer, Chicago Blackhawks, National Hockey League

Steve Kleinglass

Health Care Consultant

Our TechnologyBringing Sigma Q (ΣQ®) to the world.

We are committed to bringing our flagship technology, Sigma Q (ΣQ®), to as many people and types of patients as possible. This powerful neurotherapy treatment can help almost anyone feel and move better than ever by enabling deep muscle activation, or what we call “effortless exercise.”


Projects & PartnersWhere we’re innovating

At Biosysco, we are always looking to further expand the platform of our Sigma Q (ΣQ®) technology. We have developed existing applications, are in the process of developing new applications, and have others in the initial design phases.

ContactPartner with us

If you’re interested in distributing our technology, investing, licensing, or building a strategic partnership, let’s connect and see what we can accomplish.